We offer a membership care plan with the sole intent (1) to remove barriers that prevent our neighbors from being seen by a doctor, (2) provide our neighbors with quality health care and flexible appointments, and (3) provide them with the tools to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. There are two payment options for our neighbors to join the membership care plan:
(1) Membership Care Program or (2) Direct Primary Care.

Affordable Membership Care Program (MCP) is to help our neighbors that are uninsured, under-insured, or that have a high deductible policy; so that they will have access to high-quality, affordable, comprehensive, and personalized Christian health care health care from a board certified physician. When you become a member, you can receive unlimited office visits and pay NO fee to see your doctor. When you sign up and pay the membership fee in full, (1) you get a free comprehensive lab panel with your annual wellness visit, and
(2) your fee maybe qualifies for a tax deductible.

This program is available for individuals (age 7 and up), families, churches, small business, and corporations!

Affordable Direct Primary Care (DPC) is to help our neighbors who want to join the MCP with a payment plan. There is a fee for each office visit that will apply toward the membership fee. Once the membership fee paid-in-full, within 90 days, they can receive full benefits as a member of the MCP, such as unlimited office visits, and no fee to see a doctor, and so on. There is a one-time recovery fee of $50. This fee will apply toward membership if the membership fee pays-in-full within 30 days.

Labs and medications are additional charges and some available in-house. The Lab Savings Program is also available.

This program is available for everyone, age 7 and up.

Payment option one-time payment multiple payments
Office visit unlimited -
Fee to see doctor no fee yes
co-pay no included in the fee-for-service
 Flexible appointment yes based on its availability
Labs and Medications Saving Program yes yes
 Tax benefits yes no
 Longer appointment yes fee for office visit will be higher
 After hours visit yes no
Free annual wellness visit yes additional charge
reimburse by the health insurance providers maybe maybe
Patient Portal yes no
Fee for No-Show appointment no yes
Recovery Fee $0.00 $50.00
Replacing Health Insurance? NO NO
*No/low cost of specialist cares yes yes
*Free flu shot (clinic) yes priority for member first
*Free Mammogram yes priority for member first
*Free services (specialist cares, flu shots, and mammogram) are based on its availability, income, and administered by a third party.
*Specialist cares is available at no/low cost. Patients must go through an annual application process at our clinic and need approved by a third party.
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