The sole purpose of the Membership Care is (1) to remove barriers that prevent our neighbors from being seen by a doctor, (2) provide our neighbors with quality health care and flexible appointments, and (3) provide them with the tools to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The Membership Care was created by St. Joseph Primary Care in 2014. There are two payment options to join this program: (1) Membership Care Program, or (2) Direct Primary Care. Click here to review the advantages of these payment options.
The fee is based on patient’s age (7 and up), per person, and per year.
Unlimited office visits, no copay, flexible appointments, labs & medication saving, and maybe tax deductibles.
Anyone with & without health insurance, people who are underinsured, or those with high-deductible health care plans, single parents, self-employed individuals, college students, neighbors need extra time with a doctor, and people who want to  save on labs, medications, and taxes.
It’s NOT a replacement for your health insurance. The annual membership fee covers only services provided directly by St. Joseph Primary Care. If you have health insurance, we will use your health insurance to pay for labs, x-rays and specialists. If you are looking for an alternative Christian health insurance that will exempt you from having a tradional HMO health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), then we have a program for you to join. It will cover your medical cares up to $250,000, and the monthly premium is arranging from $200-$450 (max. is $450 a month, per family). Please call us at (919) 386-6866 on how you can benefit from this program.

Sign up to become a patient is easy.

Becoming a new patient is fast and easy. First, we ask you to join the Membership Care Program (MCP) by filling out an application. Second, we ask you to pay the annual membership fee. The membership fee is based on patient’s age and members may qualify you for a tax-deductible. Once you pay the membership fee, you become a Member and Benefactor of St. Joseph Primary Care . (2) Your membership is valid for a year from the day you sign up. As a Member, you receive high quality, comprehensive and personalized Christian health care from Dr. Trinh, a Princeton graduate, a board certified physician, with over 20 years of practicing medicine.  As a Benefactor, your fees help us to provide charitable care and domestic medical mission to our neighbors in Wake County who are without insurance or who are challenged economically. This model provides care that reflects our Christian ethics and through our physician/patient relationships, we hope to directly serve those in need as our way of giving back to the community.

Furthermore, to help us continue providing our patients with quality and affordable services, we ask you to pay the membership fee in full (a one-time annual payment). Doing so, you get a comprehensive lab panel with your annual wellness visit, the option to purchase the MCP for someone else, and the possibility that your membership fee may qualify you for a tax-deductible. We understand that not everyone can pay the one-time membership fee in full, so as an alternative consider joining the MCP through the Direct Primary Care plan. The Direct Primary Care Plan allows you to make multiple payments at a more affordable cost (the total membership fee will be slightly higher because it is an increase of our overhead).

TAX BENEFITS. Some portions of the annual membership fee may be tax-deductible due to the receipt of our clinic services. If you stay healthy and don’t need our care, your membership fee considers as a charity donation to our causes and under the 501(c)(3), your donation is tax-deductible and we will provide you with annual statements for tax purposes. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Thank you for your support and please join our cause in #GivingBack to our community. For more information about us and how we can serve your community through our backyard medical mission such as Day of Caring, Free Flu Shot Clinics, free mobile mammography screenings, and charitable care clinics, please call (919) 386-6866.